What Will Be The Biggest Food Trends For 2012: PSFK Asks The PurpleList

What Will Be The Biggest Food Trends For 2012: PSFK Asks The PurpleList

With the rise of foodie culture and sourcing awareness, food trends are increasingly popular and important to monitor.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 10 november 2011

How we get our food and where it comes from is an increasingly hot topic these days, with local and sustainable sources growing in popularity and the issues around genetically modified organisms (GMOs) gaining more public attention. Along with the foodie culture and the many food-centric startups, food trends and awareness are sure to be both influential and transformational.

Here are some of the best responses to the question, ‘What are the keywords for food trends in 2012?’

Arthur Carmichael, a Writer/Producer from Knoxville says:

Local, seasonal, sustainable, real.

Carrie Ford, a Digital Creative Strategist from L.A., says:

Chefs and restauranteurs will only get more creative with the most cost-effective, local and sustainable ingredients, techniques and products they can find. I believe consumers will respect and admire the innovation and “scrappiness” of their local eateries as the economy continues to be stifled.

Marc Chataigner, a Senior Project Manager from Paris, says:

Local local local.

Local with,,, and many other start-up of that kind, putting local chef in the star light of local food scene. Local with, or other urban farming social networks rising here and there and especially in the US. Local with or any other kind of start-up allowing individuals to become food critics for their local favorite venues. Amazingly, food still remains the first thing to share.

Francesca SartiOwner of Arabeschi di Latte in Florence and Rome, says:

– going beyond the surface, going to the core

– creating intimate and strong relationship with the food matter

– revealing the inner beauty

Tim Letscher, Creative Technologist from Minneapolis, says:

Local “will grow more and more mainstream – It is already being picked up by larger grocery retailers in the U.S. and like “organic,” its definition will be stretched and potentially abused. Fertile areas with diverse growing regions like California will be more able to tout and be true to “local.

Mauricio Giammattei, Chief Innovation Officer from Miami, says:

Food • Culture • Innovation

“Seed to Soil” The full circle:

– farm
– distribution network
– process of preparation,
– consumption and nutritional value,
– Compost and back into the soil

Making a connecting of all the these key point and innovating with opportunities to improve our food supply. About 71 % of Green House Gases are on our plate. Each point in the process creates a level of Co2+.

The topic of “Genetically Engineered Crops” “GEC, GE” is a hot new buzz kill for the food industry. Monsanto banned their own produce in their own corporate Lunch Menu. Consumers are becoming aware of the mass amounts of “Engineered Crops” ” EC” that are in our supply chain.

Tobiaz Brunning, Digital Marketing Manager from Edinburgh, says:

Western Governments will start to introduce a fat tax on cheap foods high in sugar and/or fat.

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