Wilderness Survival Skills Taught In Central Park

Wilderness Survival Skills Taught In Central Park

The Mountain Scout Survival School teaches enthusiasts how to find water, build a fire and track animals.

Emma Hutchings
  • 1 november 2011

The New York Times has an interesting article about the Mountain Scout Survival School run by Shane Hobel, who teaches survival skills in Central Park and Garrison, New York. The former stuntman has studied wilderness survival for years with a number of teachers, and now passes on his knowledge to outdoors enthusiasts and hikers.

In the introductory class, which lasts from 9am-5pm, he introduces students to the seven arrows. These are the main areas of survival skills: shelter, water, fire, food, tracking, awareness, and movement. There are lessons in how to find and filter water, build a fire, track wild animals and trap them for food.

The classes, which cost $100 each, teach practical outdoors skills useful for those wanting to spend time in the wilderness. Shane Hobel said:

These are time-tested skills. Many years ago we all used to know them, and now we’re bringing them back. The key to surviving in the wilderness is conserving precious time and energy by remaining calm and aware. The more skills we have, the more capable we are.

Mountain Scout Survival School

Photo by Kirsten Luce

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