The vodka brand collaborated with a German artist to create a paper shadow work that is both ad and public art piece.

Absolut Vodka commissioned German artist Simon Schubert to create a paper shadow art installed at a Parisian bus stop. The advertisement that lacks any ink or paint is meant to reflect the vodka’s distillation purity.

On display at one of the Avenue de l’Opéra’s bus shelters in Paris, the guarded December 14th instillation depicts ABSOLUT bottles that are only visible by subtle folds in the paper that casts shadows. Including 2009’s vision by Dan Tobin Smith and Riton, and Paul Graves in 2010, this is campaign also includes a video documenting the previous two years’ collaborations. This year’s ad, by the French agency TBWA\BEING, embodies purity using only a single sheet of 100% white paper.

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