Activist Gaming Platform Spreads Climate Science And Destroys Doubt [Future Of Gaming]

Activist Gaming Platform Spreads Climate Science And Destroys Doubt [Future Of Gaming]

'Reality Drops' is a Gaming For Good submission that builds awareness around climate reality by enabling players to spread easy-to-understand scientific data in response to climate deniers online.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 8 december 2011

PSFK recently challenged top creative agencies from around the globe to come up with concepts that address issues put forth by The Climate Reality Project. Participants in the Gaming For Good challenge were encouraged to leverage trends identified in PSFK’s Future Of Gaming report to create potential solutions.

Reality Drops was a shortlisted entry submitted by Arnold Worldwide.

Right now, countless climate change conversations are raging in online chat rooms, comment boards, and in social media.  And wherever these conversations are happening, denial fuels the flames higher.  Winning these conversations means dousing the denial.  And that requires easy access to complex arguments.

This site makes it simple to spread science and destroy doubt. Climate news is prioritized by ‘heat’—hostility, reach, sentiment, and timeliness. Earn points by grabbing related scientific articles, videos, and data, pasting them into the most heated articles, and suffocating climate denial under the weight of cold, hard reality.

The game builds awareness and educates people by offering the easy-to-understand scientific data they need to cool off the argument. We identify the targets and you fly solo and scale the leaderboard against your fellow activists, or join a team to spread out and outflank the denier echo chamber. You can earn points by joining conversation and dropping Reality on deniers.  Retweets, shares, likes and comments on your bombs will earn you additional points. And earning points will get your closer to unlocking new levels and achievements.

The site connects new articles to the most relevant scientific information about climate change. Users are offered a quick, easy way to join the fight and activate their social networks by sharing information with their friends and followers.

Arnold Worldwide

For more information about our how games can be used to support the reality of climate change, read our Gaming for Good report.


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