AmEx Teams Up With Online Food Delivery Sevice For More Savings

AmEx Teams Up With Online Food Delivery Sevice For More Savings

For every four orders you make on Seamless of $15 or more, you'll receive a $10 credit on your next card statement.

Liz Walsh
  • 12 december 2011

American Express has taken on the mobile app world, boosting brand visibility by way of applications like Foursquare, where users can take advantage of special deals at various restaurants when they check-in. Now, the credit card company is building a partnership with Seamless, the online food delivery site whose app enables you to get meals and more delivered to your door with just a few taps.

Between now and October 31, 2012, American Express cardholders can save up to $120 on Seamless orders, via statement credits ($10 for every four purchases of $15 or more).

The credit card company’s strategy isn’t just to partner with any restaurant, but to put the emphasis on going mobile. The mobile market is growing rapidly, particularly with the growing presence of tablets, so users can expect to see more deals available to them through their applications. AmEx plans to deliver more savings as it continues to partner with restaurants by way of foursquare and Seamless.

The strategy not only drives customers to use (or apply for) their AmEx cards and visit participating restaurants, but also helps to build the company’s image across mobile platforms. This additional element to the mobile market helps expand the potential for a new niche and space in a unique way that doesn’t involve advertising and appeals to a different audience that might not have been reached before.

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