PSFK discussed the Future of Gaming with the founder of Explorence, a start-up that develops mobile games which turn outdoor recreational activities into real life video games.

The PSFK consulting team has noticed that through game mechanics, play can help people change habits and encourage positive behavior. Playful activities are already being employed to help people get fitter or adhere to medication programs.

One company operating in this space is Explorence– a start-up that develops mobile games which can turn any outdoor recreational activity into a real life video game. Its first game Dash! is a mobile application in beta that enables users to create, participate, and compete asynchronously in outdoor races at any time. Users design their own courses utilizing the GPS capabilities of their smartphones and wager virtual currency on the race. Once a race is logged onto the platform, anyone using the app can compete in a custom race developed by users of all fitness levels. Races are further enhanced by music, check points, leader boards and rewards. The soon to debut game is currently in private beta. PSFK spoke with Explorence's founder, Mike Suprovici, about his work.

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