Art Wrapped Mini Coopers Blur Line Between Marketing And Exhibit

Art Wrapped Mini Coopers Blur Line Between Marketing And Exhibit

An artist partnered with local businesses to cover costs in return for giving them a unique advertising platform.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 5 december 2011

South Florida artist Alejandra Leibovich AKA Aleloop wanted to get her illustration work seen during the ultra competitive Art Basel event last week in Miami. Rather than stage a gallery show which would compete with dozens of other high profile events around the city, the former senior art director for VH1 Latin America devised a way to get her art spread across South Beach. Her idea was to create custom vinyl wraps for 10 Mini Coopers which would each feature a different theme. This way she could drive the cars around the city and park them in front of other events for exposure.

In order to fund the project, Aleloop offered local businesses the opportunity to sponsor a car in return for promotional work done on their behalf during the Art Basel event. Leibovich recruited four volunteers for each car and set up a schedule of flash mob events at popular art spots around the city. The volunteers would drive to a location and hand out information and giveaways promoting the local businesses sponsoring the cars. For Leibovich, thousands of people would get the chance to see her work and she’d have a better chance of getting media coverage. While auto brands engaging artists to paint or create custom graphics for cars in not new, Aleloop’s use of a popular car model as a canvas and way to promote local business during an event is interesting.

In addition, Leibovich created a Facebook contest to give one of the Mini’s away to a fan who got the most votes describing what they would do with the car.

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