Compete against the tennis champion in a virtual online video game to raise awareness about responsible drinking.

Alcohol company Bacardi has created an interactive game where Facebook fans have the opportunity to compete against tennis champion Rafael Nadal. Players are given an advantage with the RoboServ 3000, a 12-foot machine that can accurately serve the ball into any part of the court. The player can control RoboServ in multiple ways, including its position and the speed and spin of the ball. The aim of the game is to ‘ace' Nadal to win a game of tennis.

Virtual Nadal's on-court reactions have been pre-recorded to give the game a more realistic and real-time feel. Contestants who successfully win a game are entered in a draw. The winner of the grand prize gets to visit Nadal in Mallorca, Spain, where the winner gets to serve Nadal in person and also see the actual RoboServ 3000.

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