Best Of The 2011 NYC Holiday Retail Windows

Best Of The 2011 NYC Holiday Retail Windows
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The standout designs featured creatively used materials and radical style departures.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 23 december 2011

Here’s our annual look at the most creative, eye-catching, and artistic holiday window displays from retailers around New York City. We once again surveyed the shopping hot spots in Manhattan including Madison Ave, 5th Ave, the Flatiron District, and Soho. Some of our examples successfully use strong visual presentation to grab attention. Bergdorf Goodman transformed paper, glass and metal into a series of animal themed displays. Saks constructed three-dimensional cartoon machinery which ‘made’ bubbles.

A few retailers opted to decorate using raw or recycled materials. Childrens apparel shop Bonpoint featured a seal made from truck tire inner tubes. Anthropologie covered an entire window with scotch tape. And Soho boutique Isabel Marant displayed a mechanical sign made from raw foam, plywood and cardboard.

While default holiday decorating typically includes pine trees, red bows and fake snow, two retailers on our list went off an a whole different tangent. ABC Carpet and Home typically have amazing holiday windows each year and once again they presented five which are more like art installations. Classic and contemporary furniture and lighting collide together in re-imagined holiday scenes. Calvin Klein installed a sculpture called ‘Black Beacon’ by Nathaniel Rackowe. The work is a series of large semi-open boxes through which a light moves on a motorized track. The installation is best seen at night when the light interacts with the store interior. There’s no easily discernible holiday reference other than it is a mesmerizing light show.

ABC Carpet and Home.

Anthropologie. Window is screened with drinking straws on thread in top photo. Scotch tape covers a window to create a vignette in the photo above.

Barneys celebrated Gaga’s Workshop. The top window uses hair and the above reincarnates Lady Gaga as a motorcycle.

Bergdorf Goodman’s animal themed windows. The photo above is all black and white paper.

Nathaniel Rackowe – Black Beacon at Calvin Klein

Dolce and Gabana created a fictional holiday market stand.

Hermés created geometric screens which required peeking through to see inside.

Isabel Marant boutique in Soho.

Kidrobot in Soho.

Moncler’s Tron meets Daft Punk skiers.

Porsche Design modern twist on traditional holiday decorations.

Ralph Lauren in Soho.

Saks on 5th Ave.

Fiat / Gucci collaboration at Saks on 5th Ave.

Uniqlo flagship on 5th Ave facade covered in neon snowflakes and disco balls.

Check out the gallery here for even more photos.

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