The next phase in the information revolution will be defined by scalable, data-driven insights to available to everyone.

We appear to be on the cusp of the next step in the information revolution, a movement that is no longer simply defined by access, but one that is increasingly about creating deeper context and actionable knowledge. While the insights gained from aggregating and analyzing vast pools of data have been available at the enterprise level for a long time, there has been a marked shift towards scaling this process and making it available at the level of the individual.

This has been driven by a combination of technological factors — the ubiquity of mobile devices (information conduits), advances in algorithms (number crunchers), more networked objects (internet of things) and the availability of cheaper sensors to capture information like location, movement, temperature and performance that was previously lost (data exhaust) – but perhaps more importantly, have been the changing cultural attitudes that have developed in tandem.

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