Company Encourages Supermarkets To Grow Their Own Fresh Produce

Company Encourages Supermarkets To Grow Their Own Fresh Produce
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BrightFarms aims to incorporate greenhouses on the roofs of grocery retailers to reduce carbon footprint.

Yi Chen
  • 22 december 2011

BrightFarms is an organization that ‘designs, finances, builds and operates hydroponic greenhouse farms at, or near, supermarkets’. The company believes that by growing their own produce, grocery retailers can reduce time, distance and cost from the food supply chain. In addition, consumers are provided with a more fresh selection of fruits and vegetables. BrightFarms explains that food produced from a greenhouse uses less land, water and no harmful pesticides are involved. All these factors can ‘dramatically reduce carbon footprint’.

Already, BrightFarms has been involved in numerous community projects. Grocery retailers like Whole Foods Market and McCaffrey’s Markets have integrated a greenhouse at selected stores in the U.S.



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