PSFK discuss the Future of Gaming with the founders of Codecademy, a company that has developed a new way to teach people programming.

Through repetition and challenges, games can teach people new expertise. As we begin research for our forthcoming ‘Future Of Gaming’ report, PSFK’s consulting team noticed how playful activities are helping people learn new ways to program computers, deal with their finances and even shoot movies better.

One company operating in this space is the Codecademy — a web-based, interactive programming tutorial that incorporates gaming elements like points and trophies into its user profiles which are then visible to friends. Users land on the site and are immediately prompted to complete the first coding exercise. After completing a few challenges, users can create an account and save their progress. The site tracks and shares user progress with friends, suggesting that the platform may soon include leader-boards and competitions, turning a potentially dull experience into an interactive competition. PSFK spoke to co-founder Zach Sims about his work.

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