The Behance Network is a leading platform for creative professionals across all industries. This week they bring us some innovative ideas including real-time projection mapping from PS3.

Woodhouse by Heydays (Oslo, Norway) Why hand out your business cards when you can hand out cards + a sample of your product in one swoop? Clever strategic branding decision for this timber & construction company. [Project Link]

Sport Illustrations by StudioKxx Krzysztof Domaradzki (Poznan, Poland) Digging this sports portrait series that uses brushstrokes to suggest bodies in motion, cleats kicking up dirt, and sweat dripping down a forehead. [Project Link]

HIFI Typography by Oh Yea Studio (Oslo, Norway) A playful alphabet, whose type “jumps and dances like music does.” A good sign that each letter could easily hold its own as a solo print. [Project Link]

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