A haute downtown fashion spot gets illuminated, care of an up-and-coming Peruvian artist.

For fashion purists, a piece by renowned Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake is already a work of art. Architectural, rich in texture, and often sparsely draped, the Miyake aesthetic is only enhanced by it’s placement within New York’s tribeca ISSEY MIYAKE outpost. Having opened in 2001, the store is currently in the process of celebrating its 10-year anniversary as the site for the Miyake US headquarters and flagship retail location, through the commissioning of some equally upscale installations. Featuring a titanium “intervention” or sculpture by Frank Gehry that winds its way through the space, tribeca ISSEY MIYAKE generally acts as a retail store, laboratory, and atelier; but also as a place for new or emerging artistic talent to be showcased.

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