Film Center Designed To Look Like A Futuristic Airport [Pics]

Film Center Designed To Look Like A Futuristic Airport [Pics]
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The Cineporto in Italy combines modern aesthetics with intricate design aspects.

Yi Chen
  • 21 december 2011

In Lecce, Italy, a new film center was unveiled that combines minimalistic aesthetics with aspects of a modern airport. The building is called Cineporto, which is a combination of the words ‘cinema’ and ‘airport’ in Italian. What was once an industrial building, Metamor Architects has now transformed into a space with connected areas such as the high-definition film screening rooms, production offices and casting studios.

The interior of Cineporto is impressive and exudes creativity with curved hallways, neat typography running along the floor, beautiful furniture and ambient lighting. As you walk in the main entrance (Knos), you immediately get a feel of the simplistic yet contemporary environment.


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