Footwear Shop Spoofs ‘Behind the Scenes’ Videos

Footwear Shop Spoofs ‘Behind the Scenes’ Videos

Native Shoes pokes fun at common practice 'behind the scenes' and 'making of' videos.

Plus Aziz
  • 7 december 2011

How much work and research goes into the creation of a shoe? Native Shoes positions itself as a footwear company inspired by “classic, casual silhouettes.” It focuses on the use of lighter materials and the creation of an all-purpose, unisex shoe.

For the launch of their Fitzsimmons product line, they created this humorous video, titled An Inaccurate Look at the Making of a Fitzsimmons. It tells the story of a mad shoe scientist that sets on various missions to gather his ingredients for his masterpiece shoe. We thought it was a clever way of poking fun at the DIY movement, while also conveying the brand’s belief that simplicity is a beautiful thing.

Native Shoes

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