'Rocksmith' is an interactive videogame that allows players to learn real guitar while gaming on-screen.

In our research for the Future Of Gaming report, our consulting team noticed a growing tendency towards using gaming To Teach People New Skills. One example of this manifestation is Rocksmith -an interactive video game created by French developer Ubisoft that bridges the virtual-physical gap to teach people the craft of playing real electric guitar. By plugging an electric guitar into their game system through a specialized cable, the guitar is converted into a controller and the television becomes an amplifier, allowing the game to capture a player’s live performance. Players can begin with simple practice games which require hitting the right combination of strings or move right into songs requiring bar codes and the plucking of individual notes. The game will dynamically adjust to the player based on the number of correct notes they hit, and as players become more accomplished, they earn more points and unlock more challenging songs. the game is available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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