Beintoo was recently chosen as the winner of the LeWeb 2011 start-up competition.

Start-up Beintoo is a gamification and rewarding platform for mobile and web apps that lets developers create achievements for users and distribute branded rewards. Users experience these sponsored items as rewards earned for time spent on the apps rather than advertisements.

Beintoo's mission is “to become THE reputation and rewarding engine for all apps, “gamifying” every kind of user experience.” With their APIs, developers can create achievements for users within their apps (e.g. high score, loyalty, completing a level, being in a specific geographical location) and distribute branded rewards sponsored by retailers or other developers interested in distributing their own apps. Users can engage with their rewards and convert them from virtual to real goods by visiting the sponsor's physical and online stores. You can watch Beintoo's pitch from LeWeb 2011 to learn more about the start-up:

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