DimensionU is a web-based, interactive online platform that challenges students in grades K–12 hone their math and literacy skills through gaming.

In our research for the Future Of Gaming report, our consulting team noticed a growing tendency towards games being used To Embed Knowledge. One example of this trend is ‘DimensionU’ -a web-based, interactive gaming platform and learning resource to help students in grades K–12 hone their math and literacy skills. Students use the platform to access 3d multi-player educational videogames which connect them with friends and allow them to compete in games and collaborate while learning. Leader boards track individual performances, and tokens can be earned for correct answers, which can be used by students to purchase virtual assets to enhance their in-game characters. Periodically, the platform will host contests which offer real rewards. Students may elect to challenge other students around the world, form online study groups, or play individually. The company’s direct-to-school business model has allowed it to gain significant traction in the education space, with students having logged over two million hours of game- play on the system. the platform hosts over 850,000 profiles in its system, 250,000 of which were added in 2011.

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