The Art Series Hotels in Melbourne have a work by the famed graffiti artist worth $15,000 hidden in the hotel and have organized a hacked scavenger hunt as a publicity stunt.

‘Stay the night. Steal the art’ is the slogan at one of the Art Series Hotels in Melbourne, Australia, where one of the ‘no ball games’ works by graffiti artist Banksy is up for theft. Signed by artist who is known for having snuck his own works into museums and most recently for his critique of Catholic priests at the Walker Gallery, the work is worth $15,000.

The work will be hanging, hidden in one of the hotels (you can follow Twitter and Facebook for hints on where it is) from December 15 through January 15. If you get caught, it goes back on the wall. If you don’t, the hotel says you get to keep it … well, that’s obvious. But at least there’s the knowledge that they won’t be coming after you to get it back.

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