In Between A Rock And A Hard Place? New App Helps You Get Unstuck

In Between A Rock And A Hard Place? New App Helps You Get Unstuck

Genius behavior tips to solve life's problems in an appealing and accessible format.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 9 december 2011

The most brilliant people often are the ones who get the most ‘stuck’ in life. Whether professionally or personally, their drive to create and try new things brings them to crossroads and presents them with problems that are often totally novel.

When faced with such a block, what can you do? Keith Yamashita of SYPartners presented the Unstuck app at the PSFK CONFERENCE SAN FRANCISCO back in October, saying that it was built to be able distill the experience of years of work with top brands into an accessible process. Essentially, the app visualizes the decision-making process for getting yourself unstuck, and exposes intuitive actionable knowledge that can unlock new behavior.

Part personal coach, part toolbox for life, Unstuck gives you tips and strategies to move forward towards your goal, whatever it may be. By assessing your feelings, mental status, and particular behaviors, the app finds the ‘kind of stuck’ you have in a game-like process that is revealing and fun. Once it identifies the problem and how to get ‘unstuck,’ users are given practical tools to gain perspective, find root causes, prioritize goals or whatever the app determines will help them out.

A remarkable and innovative tool for all kinds of people in any profession or walk of life, Unstuck is a unique product that puts SYPartners’ real-world experience with the best and brightest towards personal growth for anyone.


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