Mobile App Measures How Good You Are In Bed

Mobile App Measures How Good You Are In Bed

Condoms embedded with QR codes promote safe sex with a love making application.

Yi Chen
  • 15 december 2011

A Swedish ad agency came up with an innovative way to promote safe sex among young adults. Ester handed out 50,000 condoms that were embedded with a unique QR code. When the barcode is scanned, it installs an app on your smartphone that can measure factors of your love making session such as sound, duration and rhythm. Each time the app is initiated, it reminds the user to put on a condom first before beginning a new session.

After each session, the stats are aggregated by the app and the user can choose to share and compare the results with other uploaded profiles. The Condom08 campaign was rolled out in Stockholm in the summer as part of the Stockholm County Aids Prevention Programme. The campaign successfully registered 5,900 charts where users were also able to fun, miscellaneous comparisons such as, which pet owners were the loudest and which day of the week had more couples having sex.

Watch the campaign video below to learn more information:


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