New Software Gamify Waitstaff To Improve Performance

New Software Gamify Waitstaff To Improve Performance

A startup launches software that automatically determines employee work performance, rewarding waitstaff and sales staff for good work.

Alice Chan
  • 2 december 2011

Objective Logistics is a startup that is developing software to reward employees through gaming at point-of-sales systems. The company, like recent startups Bunchball and Seriosity offer various motivations for the work that employees excel at. The software, named Muse, uses data from customer payments, including sales and tips, to track each employee’s performance. Those with the best performance will win the shifts they prefer. Beta testing has begun at a restaurant chain — Not Your Average Joe’s — where it has resulted in a 1.8% increase in sales and an 11% increase in gratuities. Objective Logistics has recently raised $1.5 million round of funding and is planning to launch its software using a subscription model that works across multiple types of point of sale systems.

Objective Logistics


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