PSFK spoke about the Future Of Gaming with the Project Lead of Planet Hunters, a browser-based online platform that asks participants to help discover evidence of planets outside of our solar system.

The PSFK consulting team noticed during our research for PSFK's Future Of Gaming report that collaborative, online platforms aimed at solving problems are incorporating gaming mechanics and challenges as a way to encourage people to participate and continue contributing over time.

One online platform operating in this space is Planet Hunters — a browser-based online platform that asks participants to help astrologers find evidence of exoplanets, or planets located outside our Solar system, using data being transmitted by NASA’s orbiting Kepler Space Telescope. Created in collaboration with Zooniverse, a collection of web-based citizen science projects, the platform tasks players with helping note brief dips in the brightness of stars which occur when a planet passes in front of it, potentially indicating the discovery of a new planet. Participants are rewarded by being named in the discovery paper and have already helped discover two potential exoplanets. PSFK spoke with the Project Lead at, Chris Lintott.

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