Personalize A Chocolate Bar Via Augmented Reality

Personalize A Chocolate Bar Via Augmented Reality

Lacta, the Greek chocolate brand, has an app enabling users to personalize messages on candy bars and view them via their smartphones.

Liz Walsh
  • 22 december 2011

Skip the awkward Christmas gram à la Buddy the Elf this season and go with something more personal, equally silly and sappy, but cute, and tech savvy.

Lacta, the Greek chocolate company, has created an app for your iPhone or Android phone that allows mobile users to send personalized messages that are activated via image recognition by holding your smartphone over a Willy Wonka sized chocolate bar. The message appears over the candy bar, complete with digital floating hearts.

We think this is just a preview of what’s to come this Valentine’s Day … we’ll see just how festive personalized augmented reality can become.

You can watch the video below to see the bar in action:

Lacta Mobile App – English from LactaFilms on Vimeo.


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