Rethinking How We Learn To Play Music With Innovative Software

Rethinking How We Learn To Play Music With Innovative Software

Zag Invention integrates gaming mechanics to improve how music is learned.

Plus Aziz
  • 22 december 2011

Ad Agency BBH’s ZAG Invention is an innovations company that focuses on areas where culture is outpacing brands. Zag Invention develops products based on voids or disconnects they identify between consumers and the business world.

Playground Sessions is their latest product. This is a music education software app that leverages gaming mechanics to rethink how people develop their piano playing skills; they’re slogan is ‘Play to Learn’ rather than ‘Learn to Play’.

Using popular songs, the Zag team designed notation music of varying levels to help users learn foundational theoretical knowledge and music reading skills. The integration of theory is essential to continued improvement of their aspirational community.

The built-in gaming mechanics include real-time feedback, scoring, badging and progress visualization, all of which work together to craft an experience that is engaging, entertaining, and motivating. Social features are used to collaborate and compete against friends within the application solidifies Playground Session as the future of music education.

ZAG created the video below as a case study to exemplify how their community is making advancements in developing their musical skills.

Playground Sessions

Zag Invention

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