Rock the Post is a new site that brings together entrepreneurs and the people needed to get creative ventures up and running.

So you have a new idea or creative project, but you’re missing a few skills (and a bit of funding) to get it off the ground. Where can you share it? How do you find people to fill in the tasks you need? Where do you get the money? The space to carry it out?

Try Rock the Post. It’s a new social network that provides individuals with an online forum for sharing and collaborating on entrepreneurial insights. The site serves as a fostering home for new ideas, regardless of what stage they are in. But it’s not just for entrepreneurs. Are you a musician looking to get your music made available to a wider audience? That’s an opportunity on the forum. Others are just looking for opinions – how can you grow social media presence and grass roots market? Or maybe you’re someone who can participate in the contest for a new marketing logo.

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