Springwise: Farmers’ Cooperative Pairs Up Singles To Share Leftover Food

Springwise: Farmers’ Cooperative Pairs Up Singles To Share Leftover Food

A new initiative out of Sweden matches people on the dating scene with each other to go on environmentally friendly dinner dates.

Dory Carr-Harris, PSFK
  • 1 december 2011

Recent variations of the online dating game have included dating in pairs and matches based on social media activity. Now in Sweden, farmers’ cooperative Lantmannen pairs up singles to share leftover dishes or ingredients, creating an environmentally-friendly dinner date.

According to Lantmannen, every fifth bag of food in Sweden is thrown away, which prompted the creation of Restdejting in an effort to reduce waste. Members are encouraged to combine their left over ingredients and create a meal with another person. They begin by visiting the website and entering up to five ingredients they have left over. This list is then published to Facebook for other Restdejting singles to browse. There is also a speed dating option, where users can select the ingredient they are looking for to complete their meal, before choosing whether they wish to set up a “dinner for two, three or four”. For example, a user may enter “Sea bass looking for crunchy fennel. Meal for two?” Lantmannen also provide recipe suggestions using the listed leftovers available, for those lacking culinary inspiration.

Leftovers dating is a practical solution for reducing waste, with the potential to add a little more spice to dinner. Other entrepreneurs, what spin could you put on the dating game to create more than just potential matches?


Republished with kind permission from Springwise, an independent innovation firm that seeks out the most promising new business ideas around the world.

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