Splinster is a peer to peer bike rental service that allows people to lease out their vehicles for some extra cash.

If consumers can earn extra money by renting out their luxury vehicles, their gardens and their parking spots, it seems only natural that they should be able to do so with bicycles. Sure enough, Spinlister is a peer-to-peer bike rental platform that lets bicycle owners rent out their ride for a little extra cash.

Users with a bike to rent out begin by listing it for free on the Los Angeles-based site. They can then upload a photo of their bike, as well as details including the bike’s size, condition and rental price. Prospective renters can search the site for bikes in their area and make a request when they see one they like. Once that request is accepted by the bike’s owner, both parties agree upon a pickup time. Money gets collected by Spinlister and sent to the owner every two weeks.

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