Now when people check into the coffee giant in China through their integrated ads they will be eligible for a larger drink size

In response to the increase in mobile check ins, Starbucks China has integrated the action directly into their mobile advertising campaigns. For this holiday season, mobile skins, or artistic ‘themes’ that redesign the app for the holidays, can be downloaded that include embedded advertisements that directly engage consumers. The advertisements, which send consumers to a holiday themed webpage encourage them to check into Starbucks, making them eligible for an increased drink size.

By integrating checking in directly into the advertising it focuses more attention to the ad campaign itself on top of making checking in faster. The advertisements automatically launch and are featured among China’s most popular social networks including SinaWeibo and Jiepang, the equivalents of Twitter and Foursquare, respectively. Weibo has approximately 3 million users and Jiepang has about 1.5 million users checking in twice a day on average.

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