Founded Ben Lerer discusses a key trend that entrepreneurs should take advantage of in the New Year.

To support a new initiative from Intel aimed at uncovering and supporting young Innovators, PSFK has tapped some of the world’s established innovators to share some insights into what young entrepreneurs should be on the lookout for in 2012. We asked Ben Lerer, Founder of Thrillist and Co-Founder of Lerer Ventures, to share some of his thoughts on the ideas that are exciting him in the coming year.

Ben says that entrepreneurs should look at affordable, third party technology offerings in 2012. A look at the recent history of the internet reveals how start-ups can move far more rapidly than incumbents by taking advantage of free (or almost free) off-the-shelf services and software in order to deliver their products. A few years back, the team here at PSFK joined a wave of entrepreneurial publishers using widely available blogging software and this ability to publish to the world changed the way news was shared and laid the foundation to hyper-sharing social networks such as the Twitter and Facebook. More recently, a new wave of these ‘almost free’ services are upon us. One example is Amazon’s Web Services technology system, which is being leveraged by start-ups ranging from Percolate to Foursquare.

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