A closer look at the rubber wristband that devours data on your activity levels, sleep patterns and eating habits and allows you to share this information with a 'team' of friends

This article titled “UP, the bracelet with a healthy app-etite for your lifestyle” was written by Justin McGuirk, for guardian.co.uk on Monday 5th December 2011 17.02 UTC

In his novel Super Sad True Love Story, Gary Shteyngart depicts a near future in which everyone is glued to portable digital devices called “äppäräts”. More than mere mobile phones, these track your health, your personality rankings and what percentage of your lifespan has elapsed. And far from being privileged information, these most personal of details are public knowledge in what is now a fully networked society – indeed, your stats are the first thing anyone will check before they decide to sleep with you. All of which makes life rather cruel for our desperate hero, Lenny Abramov (“47% lifespan elapsed … Ailments: high cholesterol, depression”). Lenny may be a salesman in Indefinite Life Extension, but he is failing to make the grade.

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