View Your Life In A Parallel Universe With The Press Of A Button

View Your Life In A Parallel Universe With The Press Of A Button
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The Quantum Parallelograph lets you take a glimpse of your alternate realities using online data.

Yi Chen
  • 20 december 2011

The Quantum Parallelograph is more than just an art design, it’s a tool that allows you to get a glimpse of your lives in different parallel universes. The user simply tunes the search intensity and the device will use online sources to print out a short statement about your alternate realities.

Although the results are whimsical, vague and hypothetical, the project is actually based on research in quantum physics by Oxford University professors. The designer, Patrick Stevenson-Keating, hopes that project serves to “raise questions and provoke thoughts about the nature of our reality and our lives, as well as being a useful tool to communicate modern theories in physics.

Watch the video below as it takes you through how the Quantum Parallelograph works:

The Quantum Parallelograph

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