Weighing Walmart: A Breakdown By The Numbers [Infographic]

Weighing Walmart: A Breakdown By The Numbers [Infographic]

Frugaldad sheds light on that retail outlet's size and places it in context. The results are astonishing.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 5 december 2011

After Frugaldad shared their latest infographic — The Weight of Walmart — with us, we were left with one obvious but still seething observation: how oversized the company has become, with a vague and undefined ratio of positive impact versus the resources it consumes.

We appreciated the parallels drawn and references used by Frugaldad to place Walmart’s data points in context — from the size of an oil spill in reference to the company’s fuel utilization, to the size of a national army to contextualize the size of their workforce. While the infographic offers much of the detail, we found the following particularly noteworthy:

  • Even when combined, the revenues of Chevron, General Electric and Pfizer still total less than Walmart’s
  • Walmart’s 2.1MM employees would form the second largest active military in the world, equaling the combined armies of North Korea and Russia
  • Their 8,000 delivery drivers burn 118MM gallons of fuel per year; spilled, these would cover an area over half the size of BP’s Gulf disaster
  • 15% of all US Chinese imports are Walmart’s; they’re also the largest US importer of Chinese goods
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