A bunch of 'humorous provocateurs' are reinventing the protest poster in an effort to bring us revolution with LOLs. But what really is the Deterritorial Support Group?

This article titled “Meet the ‘Ikea anarchists'” was written by Dan Hancox, for The Guardian on Thursday 15th December 2011 19.59 UTC

Walking into a small room in a communal house in north London, I'm confronted by a poster depicting an Egyptian protester hurling himself into a line of riot shields, with a message in huge capitals: “WE WILL FIGHT, WE WILL KISS/LONDON CAIRO ROME TUNIS”. Elsewhere books on radical philosophy are stacked alongside photocopied “FIGHT FOR YOUR EMA” flyers and other design scraps. I'm here to meet – on condition of anonymity – two members of the shadowy Deterritorial Support Group (DSG), who use the names Pablo and Nick, and, via Skype from somewhere outside the M25, a third whom we'll call Jamie. “I'd make you dinner, but I'm skint,” apologises Pablo, as they set up the laptop. “I wasn't paid this week.”

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