YouTube Redesign Highlights Personalized Video Channels

YouTube Redesign Highlights Personalized Video Channels

The new-look website features customizable feeds, recommended content and integration.

Emma Hutchings
  • 5 december 2011

YouTube has introduced a redesigned website to make it easier for people to find the videos they want to watch. The new homepage features three columns with your channel subscriptions on the left, a feed of the latest videos from those channels in the center and recommended videos based on your preferences on the right. You can also link your YouTube account to Google+ and Facebook to see what videos your contacts and friends are sharing.

Every time you visit YouTube, you’ll see your 10 top channels and a feed of the most recent videos that have been created. It’s also easier to switch between your personal videos, likes, history and Watch Later options as they’re all integrated at the top left of the page.

YouTube Redesign Highlights Personalized Video Channels

The background is now gray instead of white, giving the site a cleaner and simpler look. The video thumbnails are larger and the watch page is more streamlined. This design fits in with Google’s efforts to make its products more aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly and similar to one another.



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