Staying true to personal values and doing what you love is the best way to exude confidence in your business and achieve lasting success.

I'm fascinated by the different types of people I meet in the business world and the way that their personalities show up in what they do. I'm drawn to people who have a quiet inner confidence that is expressed in their interactions and their output. I am comforted by their sense of self. They know who they are and they operate with a kindness of spirit that makes shared time and conversation pleasant. They exude confident energy to everyone they come into contact with.

Matthew Larson is the chief of product design for one of the surf industry's most exciting new brands, Matuse, which designs incredible, high-end wetsuits. Larson is a soft-spoken, kind-spirited design thinker who is passionate about surfing and technology. Through the following 10 ideas, you’ll learn how Matt has combined his love for surfing and design while building a company he loves.

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