The annual gathering in Salt Lake City elicited some interesting discussion about what will be the hottest design ideas for the year to come.

Alright! Finally, an Alt Summit recap. Work’s been so maddeningly busy since returning to New York, it feels like eons since I was in Salt Lake City, immersed in blog talk, social media and inspiring chatter with so many new faces. I had such a blast, I nearly forgot I was sick as a dog.

Before jumping in, I’ll say this- while Pattern Pulp is a joy and certainly part of my weekly and usually daily routine, it’s not my full time job, it’s more of a supplement to my work in trend forecasting, art direction and design. While I usually can’t share a majority of my work (proprietary, etc…), I do feature what inspires me, what drives my decision making- what makes my heart skip a beat, in the dorkiest of ways.

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