Cosmetics Retailer Draws On Its History To Create Sleek Store Design

Cosmetics Retailer Draws On Its History To Create Sleek Store Design
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The location of Aesop's store in Soho, London, was once Henry VIII's royal park, a historical past that has been used to update the design of the outpost.

Emma Hutchings
  • 17 january 2012

Australian cosmetics brand Aesop has opened a store in Soho, London, designed by Parisian studio Ciguë. Shelves made of enamel display Aesop’s range of products, a material that was praised by Egypt’s pharaohs, Persia’s kings and China’s imperial dynasties. It fits in well with the royal history of the area, which served for some time as a private park for Henry VIII.

Cosmetics Retailer Looks To The Past For Design Inspiration

The aesthetic, inspired by the location’s past, is clean, monochrome and minimalist. Enamel is created using a technical and sophisticated process, and is known for its longevity. The material adds to the new outlet’s striking look, with its stone walls and wooden floorboards. Aesop explains more about the area’s history:

The space Soho occupies today was transformed from farmland to serve as a royal park at the command of Henry VIII. Its regal stature did not extend to the twentieth century, however, when Soho was best known by its debaucherous red lights. We are glad for its royal-come-sordid-come-colourfully bohemian past, as the result is a deeply diverse borough that today reconciles its history’s contradictory energies.

Aesop Soho

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