Candy lovers in Greece can now use their smartphones to communicate with each other using various treats as the medium.

Much the way recipients of German Qkies can scan the QR code on each cookie to be directed to a video, photo or personalized message, so Greek consumers can use augmented reality and a Lacta chocolate bar to convey a secret message to a friend.

Thanks to a free Android and iPhone mobile application by OgilvyOne Worldwide, Athens, Greek consumers can use their phone to send a message to a friend via any chocolate bar from Kraft Foods’ Lacta brand. They begin by composing the message on the Lacta app, which also shows how it will appear on a Lacta bar. Next, they select the name of the friend they’d like to send it to from their list on Facebook. Finally, the recipient receives a Facebook notification, and once they download the app, the camera of their phone automatically turns on and can be used to reveal the message on any Lacta chocolate bar.

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