With the predicted down-market spin-offs soon to be created, check out the original gifts that will be making waves in the baby retail market.

What could you possibly get for the most famous baby in the world? Rapper, Jay-Z and pop super-star Beyoncé Knowles, have already spend millions on their newborn, Blue Ivy Carter, and she's only five days old. The gifts include a luxury nursery with a $20,000 crib from PoshTots as the centerpiece, a $15,000 Swarovski crystal-encrusted highchair and a $285 Jean Paul Gaultier silk dress. Also on the list is a $1.5 million diamond encrusted pram, a $1 million Mercedes designed with Blue Ivy in mind, as well as $600,000 handmade wooden rocking horse. The couple also got presents from singer Kelly Rowland, who bought the baby a green Bob Marley t-shirt and Oprah–Blue Ivy's Godmother–who pitched in with a trunk full of books. And Jay-Z's latest top-charting ode to his daughter, “Glory?” Well that one is priceless.

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