DIY Space For Biohackers Fosters Open Sources Experiments

DIY Space For Biohackers Fosters Open Sources Experiments
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BioCurious fosters a community of science enthusiasts for collaborative projects.

Yi Chen
  • 23 january 2012

BioCurious is a 2,500-square-foot community lab that opened in Sunnyvale, USA, in November. Based in Silicon Valley, the lab derives from the same concept as the numerous ‘hacker spaces’ that have popped up in recent years where online and tech ideas have been developed. However, instead of computer programmers and software engineers, you will find bio-enthusiasts, DIY scientists, and entrepreneurs at BioCurious. This group of people are often referred to as ‘biohackers’ who come together to help on DIY projects ranging from DNA sequencing to analyzing bacteria.

The fully-equipped lab is open to the community and members can join for $100 a month to use the facilities. So far, the non-for-profit organization has attracted 30 members and is close to breaking-even.


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