Phone app makers want their service to become the default service when it comes to browsing the real world with the camera on your mobile device.

On my current visit to London, I noticed an ad on a bus which had a mobile-related call-to-action mechanism. At the bottom of the chocolate bar advertisement was a little icon and a message “Blip This”. The confectionery company was basically asking people to look through their phones using the Blippar site to vote on which new flavor of Kit Kat chocolate bar Nestle should make.

We met the Blippar team a few weeks ago at their stand at CES that the company has been positioning its system as a rival to QR code tech in the UK. Various brands and publishers have used their ‘Blip This’ icon in the same manner that QR codes have been used on packaging and magazine pages — but with the Blippar system, a scan on a phone or tablet can start an app that allows for interactive augmented reality and other aspects like voting.

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