The German auto maker launched a new promotion that had players logging in on Facebook using a Galaxy tablet to steer their vehicle around a projected track in the middle of city streets.

This recent campaign for BMW South Africa used interactive gaming as a public installation to encourage community. It allowed consumers to engage with the brand in a new way, by racing a virtual car on the side of a building. Johannesburg-based agency iLogic developed the large-scale video projection with Facebook integration, which was featured in the busy main streets of major cities across South Africa over eight nights.

A HD projector screened the game onto a 108 square meter area, while participants on the ground below raced around using a Galaxy tablet as a steering wheel. They entered their Facebook details, allowing them to post about the experience on their wall and share it with friends. Those with a good lap time were featured on a real-time leaderboard and the fastest drivers at each location were awarded with special prizes. Watch the video below for more information about the campaign, which is up for a Facebook Studio award:

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