Artist Blends Into The Background Of Her Own Paintings

Artist Blends Into The Background Of Her Own Paintings
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Cecilia Paredes creates beautiful camouflage photography, almost completely disguising herself in the photos.

Kyana Gordon
  • 24 january 2012

Peruvian photographer, sculptor, and performance artist, Cecilia Paredes camouflages herself within two-dimensional, floral patterned environments. As the subject of  the Skin Deep photography series (which the artist herself calls “photo-performances”), Paredes explores the boundaries of blending and vanishing into a background – disguising herself with paint to challenge the notion of identity, belonging and displacement.

By painting her skin, the artist places her body at the disposal of an environment that absorbs her in. She almost completely disappears into the printed fabric landscape while retaining elements of herself, revealing just her eyes or hair. Paredes explains:

I wrap, cover or paint my body with the same pattern of the material and ‘re–present’ myself as part of that landscape. Through this act, I am working on the theme of building my own identification with the entourage or part of the world where I live or where I feel I can call home. My bio has described me as nomadic so maybe this is also a need of addressing the process of constant relocation. There is also the factor in my mind that flora as we know it, is coming to be endangered so with all these preoccupations, I think that in these works, aesthetics bind with the anthropologic in order to register fragments of personal and social memory.


Cecilia Paredes

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