Every guest room, hallway and sitting room is inspired by the life and friends of the famous Parisian Juliette Récamier.

This four-star hotel in Paris is a biographical hotel that is dedicated to Juliette Récamier, a beautiful and accomplished Parisian who had strong influence on French literature and politics in the early 19th century. You can stroll through Hotel La Belle Juliette to learn more about this French icon where each floor is inspired by Juliette's favorite travel destinations and friends.

The first floor is dedicated to Juliette and her best friend Madame de Stael. The second floor is inspired by Juliette's voyage to Italy, while the third floor is a ‘mix of passion and serenity' that will introduce visitors to Juliette's great love, Châteaubriand. And finally, the top floor is where guests can get a ‘taste of the salons of the times.'

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