Multi-Device Charger Will Give Extended Life To Your Dying Batteries

Multi-Device Charger Will Give Extended Life To Your Dying Batteries

myCharge has a series of new products that will allow mobile devices to last significantly longer.

Sam McNerney
  • 21 january 2012

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, PSFK caught up with Gregg Hirschorn who was showcasing a myCharge device designed to provide more battery life for the iPhone 4. Its specs are impressive. According to the website, myCharge for the iPhone 4 provides over 343 resting hours, 8 speaking hours, 46 music hours, and 11 Wi-Fi or video hours of extra life. It also seems easy to operate. Before hooking it up to their iPhone 4, users can charge their myCharge device by either hooking it up to a computer or plugging it into the wall.

myCharge offers battery-saving products not just for the iPhone 4. There are a wide range of myCharge devices that hook up with the iPod Touch, tablets, eReaders, Blackberries and more. All of the myCharge devices provide a significant boost in battery life and they come with a USB and Micro-USB charging cable.

Check out a gallery of myCharge products and a video PSFK took of the myCharge booth at CES below.


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