Internet thought leader says that people need to care about the US bills aimed at censoring the net – which could stop them participating online again.

This article titled “Sopa and Pipa would create a consumption-only internet” was written by Clay Shirky, for on Wednesday 18th January 2012 16.41 UTC

There are many reasons to dislike Sopa and Pipa, the pair of internet censorship bills working their way through the US Congress. They are (another) example of the influence of corporate money on American politics: US media firms have cumulatively donated tens of millions of dollars to the bills’ authors. They are (another) example of representatives refusal to represent the public: they tried to rush the bills through at the end of last year, with no public consultation. And the proposed technical solution – censorship enforced through the domain name system – would not have the effect they want it to have, but its technical side-effects would break important parts of the internet.

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