Coca-Cola’s Polar Bears Will React To The Super Bowl In Real Time

Coca-Cola’s Polar Bears Will React To The Super Bowl In Real Time

The beverage giant launches a unique campaign featuring polar bears that watch the big game and react to the live action.

Alice Chan
  • 30 january 2012

This year’s Super Bowl will not only have millions of people cheering, but with some animation magic from Coca Cola, polar bears will watch and react to the game in real-time. Coca Cola and advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy have jointly created two animated bears, one sporting a red scarf signaling his support of the New York Giants, the other wearing a blue and grey scarf for the New England Patriots, that will be featured in Coca Cola’s microsite — Not only will internet users be able to watch these bears’ reactions, but television viewers can catch glimpses of the action as well. A TV spot called “Catch,” will show a bear leaving the ice cave to grab a Coke before starting to play football on ice.

Both the campaign and ad will go live this Thursday and are designed to engage viewers to check out Coke’s online presence, not only on the microsite, but also on Twitter, Facebook, and mobile apps. Coke’s employees will control these computer-animated bears, equipped with hundreds of reactions. In addition, employees will also post Twitter updates from the bears and encourage viewers to upload photos to be incorporated into the live stream. Pio Schunker, Coke North America’s head of integrated marketing platforms and content, says of the campaign:

The trick is to be everywhere consumers are and that means having a presence on the TV broadcast, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other popular sites.

In the meantime, check out Coke’s promo video of the exciting campaign below.

Coke Polar Bowl

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