Fonderie47 melts down the steel components and refashions them with gold.

Fonderie47‘s high value pieces of jewellery have an interesting backstory, as they are crafted using repurposed materials from AK-47 rifles confiscated from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The brand melts down the steel components and, together with gold, transforms them into custom rings, earrings and cufflinks.

Fonderie47’s mission is to significantly reduce the number and the impact of AK-47s in Africa. Sales of the jewellery finances non-governmental organizations like the Mines Advisory Group, which destroys the weapons. The purchase of each piece also funds the destruction of a specific number of assault rifles. Buying one of the men’s custom rings finances the destruction of 75 rifles in Africa, purchasing a set of cufflinks destroys 100 rifles, and buying a pair of earrings eliminates 500 rifles. Fonderie47 has so far removed over 6,000 AK-47s from the war-ravaged nation. The luxury items come at a high price, ranging from $23,000 for a pair of earrings to $35,000 for cufflinks.

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